About Us

A message from our founder, Lindsay

I launched Luley Care™ with the goal: To help others experience the powerful, life-changing effects of caring for their body through natural, holistic, and functional self-care.
My journey to the 'natural and holistic' way of self-care started several years ago when I was fed-up with experiencing all of the debilitating symptoms I suffered from hormonal imbalances and monthly menstrual pain.
As a celebrity personal trainer and natural health enthusiast, my research led me down the path of functional, holistic care for my body.
After years of discomfort and painful symptoms, I found that incorporating natural remedies, clean products, and nutrient rich foods into my routine was the answer I had spent years hoping for.
I didn't know, until I knew, that the products I used everyday like skincare, body lotions, and nutritional products mattered when it came to my hormonal balances ...which effected my energy, mood, sleep, gut health, and menstrual cycle.
It became a passion that I began sharing with clients, friends, and family.
Now, it only makes sense that I share it with others too. I created Luley Care™ to deliver products that naturally but powerfully support your body and care for your hormones.
Welcome to the new self-care. :)